Agrochemical Highly Effective Systemic Insecticide Ddvp 95% TC

Ddvp 95% TC is only used for processing pesticide preparations, and cannot be directly used in crops and other places. It is a colorless to amber liquid at room temperature, slightly aromatic, highly volatile, with a boiling point of 35 ℃/6.667Pa, a relative density of 1.415, and a water solubility (25 ℃) of 18g/L, soluble in most organic solvents. It is a low toxic organic phosphorus insecticide, which is stable to heat, hydrolyzes slowly in water or acidic medium, and hydrolyzes faster in alkaline medium, and has corrosion effect on iron and mild steel.

MOQ: 500kg

Sample: Free sample

Package: Customized

Products Details

Active ingredients DDVP, Dichlorvos
CAS Number 62-73-7
Molecular Formula C4H7Cl2O4P
Application Row material, need to be processed into pesticide preparation.
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 95% TC
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 77.5%EC,80%EC, 50 % EC, 95% TC
The mixed formulation product 1.DDVP8%EC+Cypermethrin2%EC 2.DDVP20%EC+Dimethoate20%EC 3.DDVP49%EC+Thiamethoxam1%WDG 4.DDVP0.6%EC+Deltamethrin19.4%EC
 Suitable crops: DDVP is an organic phosphorus pesticide technical drug and a cholinesterase inhibitor. It is effective against chewing and piercing mouthparts pests. Its vapor pressure is high, and it has a strong knocking force against homoptera and lepidoptera insects. It is easy to decompose after application, and its residual effect period is short. It is suitable for preparing pesticide preparations for controlling tea, mulberry, tobacco, vegetables, pre harvest fruit trees, warehouses, and health pests.



Fungal diseases


usage method

50% EC


Ectropisobliqua Prout

1200 ml/ha


Green vegetable

Pieris Rapae

1200 ml/ha




1200 ml/ha


Apple tree

leaf roller

1000-1250 times liquid


Tea plant

Leaf eating pest

1200 ml/ha



A variety of sanitary pests

250-300 times liquid; 0.16 ml/ m³   

Sprinkling; Hanging strip fumigation







Green Vegetable

Cabbage Caterpillar




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