Selective post-emergence herbicide Tribenuron-methyl 75% WG

China Tribenuron Methyl is a selective internal absorption conduction herbicide. The liquid medicine is absorbed and transmitted by weeds, and the growth of plants will be severely inhibited, and eventually die.

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Products Details

Active ingredients Tribenuron-methyl
CAS Number 101200-48-0
Molecular Formula C15H17N5O6S


Tribenuron Metal is mainly used to control various annual broadleaf weeds in wheat fields, including Artemisia sophia, Fanzhou, shepherd's purse, Polygonum capitatum, Shepherd's purse, Maijiagong, Sarcophagia esculenta, Chenopodium album, and Amaranthus retroflexus.
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 75% WDG
State Granule
Label Customized
Formulations 20% SP; 10% SP; 95% TC; 75% WDG
The mixed formulation product Tribenuron Methyl 13% + Bensulfuron-methyl 25% WPTribenuron Methyl 5% + Clodinafop-propargyl 10% WPTribenuron Methyl 25% + Metsulfuron-methyl 25% WGTribenuron Methyl 1.50% + Isoproturon 48.50% WPTribenuron Methyl 8% + Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 45% + Thifensulfuron-methyl 2% WP Tribenuron Methyl 25% + Flucarbazone-Na 50% WG
Suitable crops: Low toxicity, broad spectrum of killing weeds, and low cost. The application period is less affected by the environment. Tribenuron Methyl 75% WG is the main herbicide for weed control in wheat fields. In the weed community, the plot with Artemisia selengensis, shepherd's purse, Chenopodium album and other dominant weeds has better control effect. It has good control effect on some broadleaf weeds that can not be controlled by 2,4-D chemicals.


Targeted Pests


Using Method

 Winter wheat field

Annual broadleaf weeds

18-30 g/ha.

Stem and leaf spray


Broadleaf weed

13.35-25.95 g/ha.



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