Pinoxaden 5% EC: Effective Weed Control Solution for Your Crops

Introducing the Pinoxaden 5% EC, a revolutionary herbicide solution for farmers or anyone involved in weed control! Developed and manufactured by HIJIAZHUANG AGERUO-BIOTECH CO., LTD., a reputable company in China, this product is designed to target grassy weeds such as wild oats, rye grass, and annual meadow-grass, among others.

The Pinoxaden 5% EC is formulated using advanced technology that ensures its efficacy in controlling and managing these pesky weeds. It is a safe and environmentally friendly herbicide, making it ideal for use in various agricultural applications.

Whether you are a farmer looking to increase yield in your crops or a garden enthusiast seeking to keep your lawn free from unwanted weeds, this product is the answer. It is easy to use, and with a fast-acting formula, you can expect to see results within a short period.

So, get your Pinoxaden 5% EC herbicide today and experience an unprecedented level of weed control. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory, HIJIAZHUANG AGERUO-BIOTECH CO., LTD. guarantees you quality and maximum satisfaction.
  • Introducing our latest herbicide product, Pinoxaden 5% EC, designed to protect your crops from hard-to-control grassy weeds. Pinoxaden 5% EC is a selective herbicide that targets annual grassy weeds such as wild oats, rye grasses, and barley grass. This product boasts a high level of efficacy, with quick and reliable results for post-emergent control of unwanted grasses. Pinoxaden 5% EC is formulated using advanced chemical technology, ensuring maximum absorption and translocation throughout the targeted grassy weed. With easy-to-use application and a low application rate of 60-70 ml per acre, this herbicide provides excellent value, reducing the cost of weed management and saving you money. It is also safe for most crops, making it an ideal herbicide for broad-acre applications. Our Pinoxaden 5% EC herbicide has been thoroughly tested, ensuring that it is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic to non-target vegetation, animals, and humans. It has also been registered with the relevant regulatory bodies, following all safety and quality standards. In summary, Pinoxaden 5% EC is an effective and economical choice for controlling tough, annual grassy weeds commonly found in cropping systems. Trust our herbicide for your crop protection needs and get the best results this planting season!
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