Impact of Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in Plants: Benefits and Functions Explained

Introducing the latest solution to enhance plant growth and development for agricultural enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our product, produced by HIJIAZHUANG AGERUO-BIOTECH CO., LTD., is a plant growth regulator containing Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA) – a key hormone naturally present in plants which regulates cell division and elongation.

Our IAA-based product is derived from natural sources and offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to promote plant growth and increase yield. It can be used on a variety of crops ranging from fruits, vegetables, and rice paddies. Our plant growth regulator enhances the quality of the crops by improving the root system and internode elongation.

HIJIAZHUANG AGERUO-BIOTECH CO., LTD. is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and factory established in China, dedicated to the production of plant growth regulators that help create healthier and abundant crops. Our products undergo strict quality control and are produced according to international standards. Try our IAA-based plant growth regulator now and see the difference it makes to your plants.
  • Our new plant growth regulator, IAA (indole-3-acetic acid), is the perfect solution to boost plant growth and development. IAA is a naturally occurring hormone found in plants that promotes cell division and elongation, leading to increased plant growth. Our product is formulated to provide plants with the necessary dose of IAA to achieve optimal growth and development. IAA in plants plays a critical role in regulating plant growth and development. The hormone regulates various physiological processes such as root development, apical dominance, flowering, and fruit development. Research has shown that the use of IAA as a plant growth regulator can help improve crop yields, increase plant resistance to pests and diseases, and enhance root development, leading to increased uptake of nutrients. Our IAA product is easy to use and can be applied to a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and turfgrass. Our scientists have developed a unique formulation of IAA that ensures maximum absorption and utilization by plants, resulting in faster and more uniform growth. In summary, our new IAA product is an excellent solution for farmers and growers who want to achieve optimal plant growth and development. Try it today and see the remarkable results for yourself!
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