Agriculture Agrochemical Chemical Herbicide Weed Killer CAS 1918-00-9 Mediben/Dicamba 48% SL

Dicamba is a benzoic acid herbicide (benzoic acid). It has the function of internal absorption and conduction, and has significant control effect on annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds. It is used for wheat, corn, millet, rice and other gramineous crops to prevent and control the scourge of swine, buckwheat vine, quinoa, oxtail, potherb, lettuce, Xanthium sibiricum, Bosniagrass, convolvulus, prickly ash, vitex negundo, carp intestines, etc. After seedling spray, the medicine is absorbed by the stems, leaves and roots of weeds, and transmitted up and down through phloem and xylem, which blocks the normal activity of plant hormones, thus killing them. Generally, 48% aqueous solution is used for 3~4.5mL/100m2 (active ingredient 1.44~2g/100m2)

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Products Details

Active ingredients Dicamba
CAS Number 1918-00-9
Molecular Formula C8H6Cl2O3
Classification Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 48%
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 98% TC; 48% SL; 70% WDG;
The mixed formulation product Dicamba 10.3% + 2,4-D 29.7% SL Dicamba 11% + 2,4-D 25% SL Dicamba 10% + atrazine 16.5% + nicosulfuron 3.5% OD Dicamba 7.2% + MCPA-sodium 22.8% SL Dicamba 60% + nicosulfuron 15% SG
 Suitable crops: As a herbicide after plant germination, dicamba is often mixed with one or more phenoxycarboxylic acid herbicides or other herbicides to form a mixture. It is used for weeding in grain fields, and has a significant effect on one-season and multi-season broad-leaved weeds in wheat, corn and other crops.

Crop names

Targeted Weeds 


usage method

Summer corn field

Annual broad-leaved weed


Stem and leaf spray

Winter wheat field

Annual broad-leaved weed


Stem and leaf spray


Broadleaf weed



Lawn (seashore paspalum)

 Annual broad-leaved weed



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