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Sodium Nitrophenolate is a plant cell activating agent, which can rapidly penetrate into plants after contacting with plants, promote the flow of protoplasm of cells, and improve cell vitality. It can promote the root, growth, reproduction, fruit and other development stages of plants to varying degrees, which is conducive to regulating the growth and yield of tomatoes.

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Name  Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate
Chemical equation C6H4NO3Na、C6H4NO3Na、C7H6NO4Na
CAS Number 67233-85-6
Other Number Atonik
Formulations 98%TC,1.4%AS
Introduction Compound sodium nitrophenolate (also known as compound sodium nitrophenolate) is a powerful cell activator with chemical components of sodium 5-nitroguaiacol, sodium o-nitrophenolate, and sodium p-nitrophenolate. After contact with plants, it can quickly penetrate into the plant body, promote cell protoplasm flow, and improve cell viability
The mixed formulatiion products 1.Sodium nitrophenolate 0.6%+diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate 2.4% AS                                                                                     2.Sodium nitrophenolate 1%+1-naphthyl acetic acid 2% SC                                  3.Sodium nitrophenolate1.65%+1-naphthyl acetic acid 1.2% AS
Suitable crops: 

Sodium Nitrophenolate can speed up plant growth, break dormancy, promote growth and development, prevent flower and fruit falling, fruit cracking, fruit shrinkage, improve product quality, increase yield, and improve crop resistance to disease, insect, drought, waterlogging, cold, salt and alkali, lodging and other stresses. It is widely used in food crops, cash crops, melons and fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, oil crops and flowers. It can be used at any time from sowing to harvesting.

Formulations                                 Crop names act on usage method
1.4%AS Citrus trees growth regulation spray
Tomato growth regulation spray
Cucumber growth regulation spray
Eggplant growth regulation spray
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